Sam Ellis

“I’ve been playing competitive squash for about 8 years now, and have now turned professional. As squash is such an intense sport, injuries and niggles are inevitable. Through the years as my training has become…Read more

much more intense these injuries have become more regular to the point where I almost believed that it was something that professional athletes have to deal with and battle through.

I have worked with many different sports physio’s and chiropractors in the past, but none have been in the same league as Catherine. From the first session she has impressed me with the way she gets right to the root of the problem, by thinking outside the box, and by delivering the necessary treatment to get you back into top competing form as quick as possible. I noticed improvements immediately, and am now training harder than ever, and I can actually walk around town relaxed without my body screaming in pain!

Working with Catherine and Rebecca has helped me gain confidence in my movement around the court, and I have now reached a point where I know I can push my body to the limit without being afraid that a certain part of my body won’t be able to cope and let me down. She really gives the full package of service, giving great advice from a wide knowledge base about how to take care of my body when in training and at tournaments, and I now know more about how my body works.

Since working with Catherine my PSA World Ranking has gone up by more than 100 places, and I’m now at number 307 in the World. “

Sam EllisSquash Coach and Professional Squash Player
Tom Ford

“ I started having problems with my hips a couple of years ago now but after receiving chiropractic treatment we discovered the problem was not in my hips but in fact tightness in my sacroiliac joint from the constant lunging and demands of the sport. I now get… Read more

regular treatment with Catherine and Rebecca loosening up that joint and various other niggles that is part and parcel of being a professional athlete.

No other treatment I’ve had has “cured” my hip problem and I would highly recommend it as the treatment to go for! Furthermore I have seen a couple of chiropractors but Catherine and Rebecca have by far been the most thorough in their treatment with the addition of massage and acupuncture of surrounding muscles that also tend to be very tight. This helps my body even more because it makes the manipulation of the joints much more effective ”

Tom FordProfessional Squash Player

The team at Bristol Chiropractic clinic did a great job when I came to them for my back pain.

Mrs ParsonsSalon Manager

I’m a relative newcomer to the practise, but I’ve been most impressed by Danny Adams, who has made more improvement in the discomfort I’ve been experiencing in my… Read more

neck and shoulder for decades than all the civilian and military medicos I’ve consulted in the past.

Mr WytonPublished Poet

I saw Danny Adams who very quickly put me at my ease, gained my confidence and made the correct diagnosis. I felt immeasurably better after…Read more

that first treatment from him and have never looked back, The exercises that he has given me to do at home are proving to be so effective that I have been inspired to take them further; I have never before been so agile. Danny takes a professional pride in his work and clearly knows his stuff. He is very thorough, always explains the treatment he is giving you and will happily answer any questions you may have. I can’t speak too highly of him.

Mrs FisherBand manager

“As a keen golfer,gardener and taxi driver who drives 40000 miles a year 6′ 3” and 20 stone plus I often need help on my back and neck.

For many years I… Read more

visited all sorts of back therapists and physios who helped me to various degrees of comfort and relief but NOBODY and I

really really mean it, NOBODY has come close to reaching the results that Catherine has achieved!!!

She has surely been sent from the gods and is indeed an ANGEL to my back and neck. If she ever moves away I will follow her, even to the end of the country for treatment, as I can not imagine anybody more competent in this form of health care and I recommend her without


Mr EarneyAmateur Golfer

“I would like to give feedback about the way I have been treated having had a trapped nerve in my right leg. I would like to thank Rebecca for her excellent professional treatment, help and advice that she has… Read more

given me, in a relaxed and friendly manner over 5 sessions I had with her, had it not been for that then my leg would not be completely better – which it is now. I wholeheartedly recommend the practice and Rebecca in a particular to anyone who needs a chiropractor.”

Mr Green

“Thanks Rebecca for taking the time to look at our baby Holly, we are really greatful for your excellent advice, care and service. I would highly recomend you. Best wishes”

Mr Phelps

“Great service and I always feel great after my treatment!”

Mr Davies

“Just to little note to say thank you to Catherine for making me feel slightly more human again – the advice has been appreciated and I take heed that I must listen to my body FIRST!”

Ms Godfrey