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sports injuries
sports injuries
sports injuries
sports injuries

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Bristol Chiropractors, Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can progress to chronic injuries that have a negative influence on your quality of life. It is critical to find the best sports injury chiropractor to check you and treat any injury as soon as possible, as symptoms can appear days or weeks later.

Bristol Chiropractors has over 12 years of experience and has treated thousands of injured athletes.

With in-house radiologists and a team of sports injury chiropractors, physical therapists, and orthopedic specialists on staff, we can evaluate your injuries and provide a specific treatment plan that will have you feeling better in no time!

Chiropractors for Sports Injuries

Have you been injured while participating in sports? Do you have pain, edema, stiffness, redness, numbness, tingling, restricted range of motion, or weakness? Have you experienced headaches, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, or fatigue?

sports injuries

If so, these symptoms may indicate that you have a sports injury. To achieve the best recovery, it is critical to see a doctor who is expert in treating sports injuries within 72 hours.

Bristol Chiropractors has been treating injured athletes for decades and is consistently acknowledged for offering the greatest quality of patient treatment to injured athletes in Connecticut.

Types of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries come in a variety of forms. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) such as concussions, knee injuries, sprained ligaments or strained muscles, dislocated joints, shin splints, and stress fractures are among the most prevalent.

These injuries can be severe, but you do not have to live with them indefinitely. Chronic pain does not have to be something else you have to deal with after a sports injury. Allow our doctors of chiropractic, physical therapy, orthopedics, and neurosurgery to give the care and relief you require if you have been hurt while participating in sports.

Taking Care of Your Sports Injuries

Whatever type of sports injury you have, our chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons can help. We collaborate to develop the best treatment plan for your condition and situation in order to get you back to 100% as soon as feasible. Among the treatment options are:

Chiropractic Care

Our doctors employ hands-on chiropractic adjustments to unlock joint limits, restoring mobility safely and swiftly, relieving pain and muscle tightness, and allowing your body to heal naturally without the use of medicines or medication.

Physical Therapy

Our sports injury experts will work with you to practice specific exercises that will reduce stiffness and discomfort, strengthen muscles, increase range of motion and stability, and hasten healing after surgery.

Pain Management

Our surgeons provide a comprehensive range of minimally invasive injections to treat a number of sports injury-related pain conditions, including nerve block, steriod block, facet joint block, epidural, and nerve ablation.


Our team of skilled orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons can treat your sports injuries surgically if you have a brain, internal or major back injury, boken bones, or a torn muscle, tendon, or ligament.

Our goal is to treat your sports injuries as fast and effectively as possible, as well as to offer documented proof of your injury so that you can get the most out of your financial settlement.

Your First Visit to a Sports Injury Doctor

Our courteous and caring staff is here to answer any concerns you may have concerning insurance or our sports injury treatments. We will do the following at your first appointment:

  • To assess sports injuries, use in-house imaging and testing.
  • Discuss a complete treatment strategy to get you feeling better as soon as possible.
  • Take the necessary first steps to ensure that you continue to be eligible for a maximum financial settlement.

Athletic trainers and coaches understand the value of chiropractic care for professional athletes.

Chiropractic care lowers damage, promotes speedier recovery, and lessens the patient’s reliance on painkillers. This is why Bristol Chiropractors is sought after by sporting groups for our specialist chiropractic services.

To diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and educate the athlete, we take a team approach. Our highly specialized team approaches healing with a “movement is medicine” philosophy. We are convinced that by following this strategy, you will feel better. Faster. Longer.

We will get you back in the game whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete.

Perhaps you are a coach in search of a sports team chiropractor. We will design a program to treat your athletes on a weekly or on-call basis. Is it possible that your sports medical team could benefit from a second opinion? So, we’re here to assist!

Our Bristol Chiropractors and specialists will travel to your location, whether it be a field, facility, court, or arena. We will supply the necessary equipment and supplies to deliver skilled care.

Alternatively, bring your athletes to our clinics for chiropractic care, therapeutic massage therapy, X-rays, dry needling, cupping, taping, physical therapy, personal training, acupuncture, and exercise rehabilitation.

To set-up a program, please contact us at: +1 (860)-390-2441

sports injuries
sports injury
sports injury
sports injuries

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