Conditions treated


How can a Chiropractor help?

Headaches are treated very often by a Chiropractor‘. It is a common problem that walks in to a Chiropractor’s office. At Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic we help headaches injuries in various ways. They use hands on treatment to loosen the muscles and joints around the neck, head and shoulders, this helps decrease muscle tightness and improves joint movement.

Some headaches are caused by or made worse by very tight muscles, when a muscle is really tight, it can cause pain somewhere else in the body. For example, tight muscles in the neck and shoulder regions have been shown to cause pain in the head. Joints can also cause pain in head so Chiropractors make sure these are moving properly as well.

In addition to the hands on treatment Chiropractors provide, they will also give you home advice and exercises that will be monitored and progressed.

Should I use Ice or Heat?

With most injuries we tend to recommend using an Ice pack however headaches are quite complicated so we would prefer for you to wait till you have spoken to one of our specialists before using ice for a headache. We generally ask for your to not use an heat pack as it can worsen symptoms. Your clinician will be able to tell you if or when a heat pack is OK to use, if it is required at all.

What is the popping/cracking noise heard during treatment?

Chiropractors are known for ‘clicking’ or popping their patient’s joints to get them to move better – this is a gentle but very skilled, safe and powerful technique called ‘manipulation’. Chiropractors have five years of training in this form of treatment and use it every day, they will only use the technique if they feel it is necessary. Feel free to speak to your clinician if it is something that you feel you may not be comfortable with.

What should I wear

The clinic provides gowns for all patients. Alternatively, a vest top with access to the neck and shoulders would be perfectly suitable.