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Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic

Friends and directors Jenny Ashton and Catherine Barber set up the Bristol Chiropractic, Sports and Family Clinic in 2012, having worked as Chiropractors in the Bristol area for the past 10 years.

Jenny and Catherine graduated together from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic together in 2006. Since opening the clinic has grown and we now have a great team of therapists and reception staff.

Rebecca Rees (Chiropractor), Dele  Bamisaye (Chiropractor), Danny Adams (Chiropractor), Beata Law (Massage), Karen Waddell (Sports Massage) and Verity Allen (Acupuncture). 

We are committed to helping patients of all ages get over their aches and pains, as well as stay active. We help sportsmen and women to recover from injuries at all levels of competition, from weekend warriors to professional athletes. 

We are affiliated with a number of sports clubs and individuals, including Westbury and United Banks Hockey club, Westberries Hockey Club, Redland Tennis and Squash club and professional squash players Tom Ford (world ranking 65) and Sam Ellis (world ranking 290).

Pregnancy Chiropractic is another speciality we provide at our clinic – our Chiropractors have lots of extra training and experience in hands on care for pregnant patients. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have about any aches and pains you may be feeling during your pregnancy, just get in touch.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is simple, we advise and you choose, you’re the boss!

It’s your health after all, so we’ll encourage you to discuss with us any questions you have regarding the treatment plan we suggest for your injury.

We believe that if positive results and improvements in your pain are not seen within three-four treatment sessions then we’ll refer to the appropriate care pathway. When necessary, we’re are able to refer you to any other healthcare specialist and will do our best to get you to who you need to see. We’re happy to work alongside any other healthcare professionals to help your injury.

We follow this philosophy in our principal Bristol practice as well as our Wells clinic. We believe this up-holds our positive reputation in the community and with other healthcare professions. We want you to be happy to refer your family and friends to us as well whilst receiving the best and most honest health care for your muscles, joints and nerves.

Some patients like to practice ‘wellness care’, this means they choose to come in for 2-6 months to help prevent their pain returning. This is the patient’s choice and is very dependent on your lifestyle, injury history and levels of fitness. Your clinician can help advise you with this as each patient is different and unique.

All our treatment sessions consist of massage, stretching and various techniques such as manipulation, acupuncture, mobilisations, taping and rehabilitation. The full package!

Practice manager of Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic
Catherine Barber Chiropractor at Bristol Chiropractic and Sports injury Clinic

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